Thursday, May 17, 2012

5 years ago

5 years ago I wanted to die.... Now I wake up every morning so excited to see my babies here on earth and be a mom

5 years ago I became a mom to Tyler.... Today I still and always will be a mom to Tyler

5 years ago I thought about Tyler every day.... Now I still think about him every day

5 years ago I didn't think I could go on.... Now I know I can go on and be happy but the pain will still be there just not as intense

5 years ago I asked God why would you take away our precious little boy?.... Now I still ask Him that

5 years ago I wondered if I would ever have children here on earth with me... Now I am blessed beyond measure with two beautiful babies who fill my life with such happiness I can't even describe it but I will always miss my first born, my precious Tyler.

Thinking of my baby boy in Heaven on his 5th birthday. Wish I could be celebrating with you my baby.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My day....

Do these to do lists say anything??!!! Feeling overwhelmed!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Just a few pics from our weekdays. Usually after work I pick up the kids and we come home to play in the backyard or just in the house till Matt gets home. I love this time with my babies!

Lately we have also been going on little outings after school I really have been liking it because it makes be feel like my life doesn't just consist of working during the week! Which it can feel consuming sometimes!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My 4 year old!!

Today I took Mad's for her 4 year old well visit. I cannot believe she is already 4, time seems like its just flying by so fast. Within this last year Maddy had changed so much and we are just so proud of her and proud to be her parents. She started school this year at the beginning of the school year and has done AMAZING!!! She loves her school and her teachers and her speech/language has improved soooo much! She is completely potty trained now! Woo-hoo!!!! And get ready for it...... She is off the "B" pacifier!!!

Her appointment went great she now weights 37 pounds and is in the 50th percentile for weight and height! That's a big difference from our teeny little NICU miracle! She is right on track with everything developmentally and physically! The downside is that she had to get 3 shots, my poor baby was screaming and crying hysterically it was awful. They said she won't need any more till she is 11 years old! When we left the room to leave the receptionist was like, "Ohhh is she going to be ok??" They could hear her screaming from the front!

Before we left I couldn't resist snapping a picture of her right beside the jasmine plants just like when we took a picture here for her 2 month check up. I love my little girl~!

Evening at the beach...

Today was supposed to be Maddy's soccer practice/game but because they though it might rain they cancelled it. Instead we went to pick up dinner and take the kids to the beach to play.

The weather on the beach was sooo nice there was a breeze and the water felt great so the kids went in and splashed and played. Mason was scooting as fast as he could on his little bootie to get to the water and his sissy but as soon as the water rolled up and touched Jim he was screaming, yeah he wasn't to impressed by that! Poor little guy!!

We watched the kids play and talked. Today was the most non-stressful day of my week!!! It's nice to do things like this on a work night to just relax!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

30th Birthday Getaway!!!

Just got back from an awesome weekend away for my 30th!!!! It started Saturday morning the girls and the kids left for Palm Coast on the way of course we had to stop at a few community garage sales!!! We are addicted what can I say?? Found some good stuff then drove the rest of the way to Hammock Beach Resort. We LOVE this place! We stayed here for our 10 year wedding anniversary and its amazing!!!! Its right on the ocean, they have about 9 different pools, golf course, full spa, and multiple restaurants.

Once we checked in they gave us the keys to our villa (it's was a 3 bedroom/2 bath) and went to check it out and get suited up for the pool!

The first pool we went to was the biggest pool. It has waterfalls and a huge winding slide. We found chairs and let the kids get in, they had a ball swimming and chasing each other around the water. While they swam we watched them and fed the babies. Then we ordered frozen drinks. They had the BEST strawberry daquarris! After that we ordered lunch and they brought it right to our chairs by the pool! We were thinking this is the life!!! The kids ate while Mason took a nap and then we got in the pool with them.

It felt sooo good! Even though it's only April the pools are heated so it was the perfect temp. When Mason woke up I brought him in and he was very timid about the pool which surprised me because he LOVES being in the bathtub. He didn't want to leave his little spot right against my chest. After cuddling him a little while I was able to get him into the baby floater and he really liked it! Yay!

Pretty soon we had to leave that pool area because get this.... Someone pooped in the pool! Ewww! They evacuated everyone and we went to another pool which I thought was even prettier than the first one. It was a zero entry pool with the beachfront in the background and they had a big sand area too for the kids to play in.

After about 4 hours we decided to go back to the villa to let the kids relax a bit.

We had dinner at an Italian restraint at the resort. We got the food to go and ate outside and that was a disaster! It was super windy and cold and the food wasn't very good. We decided after that to go to their indoor pool. While we were there the guys arrived and then we finished at the pool, let the kids play in the courtyard and headed back to this viola for birthday cake from Cinottis! My favorite!!! Yummy!

The next morning it was time for our brunch cruise aboard a yacht called The Sundancer!!!

My mom and dad and good friend Alexa and her kiddos all met us down in Palm Coast that morning for the cruise. We were greeted with Mimosas and Bloody Mary's and this boat was gorgeous! The bottom floor had decks at both ends you could walk outside onto and in the middle they had the dining room area.

They had a delicious buffet brunch upstairs and I seriously think it was the best breakfast I have ever had!!!! So many selections eggs, potatoes, huge fruit platters, carving station, I mean everything! We enjoyed out meal and then headed outside to see the view and get a few pics.

Next we all went upstairs to the lounge area that had couches and comfy chairs and just relaxed, enjoyed the view and let the kids play. thus cruise was just amazing and I hope to go again one day!

Overall, I can't believe I'm 30! But I feel very blessed with where I am in life. I have an amazing husband who's also my best friend, two beautiful kids here on earth who bring me so much love and happiness every single day, and one sweet angel in Heaven, a job I enjoy, and the best friends and family anyone could ask for! The only thing I wish I could change is I wish that Tyler could be here too. I know I will see him again one day... Until then I will live life to the fullest and always do things to let him see from up above that he will never be forgotten. I hope the next 30 years will be as great as the past. 30! : )